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We at KneeCracker's Secret HeadQuarters understand that for first time users, this site might seem confusing (unlike quantum mechanics which is not confusing at all).

Q. What is KneeCracker?
A. KneeCracker is a machine.

Q. Why is KneeCracker?
A. Like God, KneeCracker has no logical reason of existance, it just is.

Q. Who is behind KneeCracker?
A. God

Q. How do you guys make money out of this?
A. We don't unless you make a donation, buy a T-Shirt, click on our ads or if we win the lotery.
     Otherwise we will probably have to find an honest job (well, that is if at some point we actually make enough money
     out of this to actually quit our jobs and then after a period of time we don't anymore and have to actually find a job)

Q. What is the meaning of life?
A. 41

Q. Who's Pedro and Sanchez
A. They're cartoon characters. They could be brothers, they could also be just friends. But they are definitely not gay.

Q. What if I own a widely popular and respected newspaper such as the NewYork Times and want to invest in KneeCracker?
A. Please label a check to 'KneeCracker.com', sign it, send it and let us worry about the rest.

Q. Do you really have a room for rent for 400$ permonth all included in Hull Quebec at the secret KneeCracker HQ?
A. Yes.

Q. What does JNOU stand for?
A. Jnou Nouj Oujn Ujno

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